You must visit Egremni beach

Egremni beach on the west coast of Lefkada has always been the ultimate beach lovers prime destination! White sands and translucent clear waters, a shade of vibrant turquoise blue you can only dream about!

The white limestone cliffs of the beach rise up majestically and are met by a lush green landscape of evergreen trees. It is a perfect example of the natural beauty the Ionian Islands are famous for.

For the opportunity to swim in these amazing waters this summer, the access to the beach is by boat only, due to the closure of the road access. The landscape may have changed due to the movement of the cliff side but nature has been hard at work over winter restoring the natural beauty of this beach with the gentle rhythm of the waves.
What better way to do this that with our partners Ionian Rib Cruising and Ionian Blue Yachting. A relaxed and private day awaits you with just your family and friends as you explore not only the delights of Egremni but also the other Lefkada gem, Porto Katsiki beach.

Just pack your swimsuit and a good book as you let your crew take care of the small details as our private charter boats have all the equipment and facilities you will need plus a tasty lunch to feast on after swimming in those inviting waters.
From Nidri we can arrange for you to join the ‘Deep Blue’ weekly cruise which visits these two beaches and the pretty beach of Agiofili near Vasiliki.

Make sure you don’t miss the elusive blue waters of Egremni beach this summer!


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